Luke 8:3 – ‘…these women were helping to support them out of their own means.’

Read through Luke 8: 1 – 3. In Jesus’ ministry, he was supported by women whom he had healed. Don’t feel that because you’re a female, you can’t have a positive financial impact.

Supporting Women: God's word highlights them.

Supporting Women: God’s word highlights them.

Mary Magdalene was a supporting woman. Joanna who managed Herod’s household was a supporting woman. Susanna and many others. All of these were supporting women.

As Jesus and the men he had chosen as his apostles went about spreading the Gospel, they were supported by women. Supporting women have an important role to play in spreading the gospel. Supporting women can help by providing finances, food and prayer.

The women that supported Jesus and his disciples obviously knew how to manage finances. In fact, they were supporting the men out of their own means. They were in a position to provide for men! How backwards does this seem in biblical times and in a lot of cultures today? Men provide. Women produce children and keep the household.

Don’t feel that because you are female that you cannot play a positive role financially. There were women who had the means to support Jesus himself. As a wealthy Christian woman, be wise with your money, your skills and your investments. Do this whether single or married. Your financial prowess can be a blessing to yourself, God’s kingdom and your future family.

Supporting women are as important as supporting men. Whatever your gender, work to increase your financial knowledge and skills. It can only be of benefit.

Financial tip – compare the benefits of saving money and earning interest with keeping loans down that are incurring you interest. A mortgage may charge 5% interest while savings earn you 4% interest. It is wiser financially to put extra funds against the mortgage and save interest of 5%, rather than earn interest of 4% that ends up getting taxed.