Proverbs 14:11 – ‘The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish.’

Does it surprise you when reading this verse, to discover that the wicked are in a house and the upright are in a tent? Perhaps this surprises you, but you are happy to read that the wicked are destroyed and the upright flourish.

Tent of the Upright – Humble Beginnings

The Tent of the Upright will Flourish

The Tent of the Upright will Flourish

There is a message in this statement surely: don’t be afraid of humble beginnings. One may argue that a house is that much greater than a tent. We could also say that $100,000 is much more appealing than $100. However, if the greater sum was acquired the wrong way, would it still be appealing to you?

God’s word indicates that even if we live in a tent, if we live with an upright heart, we will flourish. Likewise, although the wicked live in a house, their downfall is their behaviour. Ultimately they will be destroyed because of this.  This is even if they live in what could be considered a sturdier, safer building when compared with a tent.

As future wealthy Christians, we should be thankful for the opportunity to have humble beginnings. If all we have at the start is something that keeps the rain out and an upright heart, then surely we cannot grow proud as God allows us to flourish. Perhaps we will gain wealth, a gorgeous house, great stature in the community. Whatever way God allows us to flourish, we should remember that it came about because of our upright living.  It was not because of anything we achieved by ourselves.

Wealth tip – compare the benefits of saving money and earning interest with keeping loans down that are incurring you interest. A mortgage may charge 5% interest while savings earn you 4% interest. It is wiser financially to put extra funds against the mortgage and save interest of 5%, rather than earn interest of 4% that ends up getting taxed.

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