Recently I was contacted on Wealth in the Bible about reviewing a new release The Father’s Recipe for Personal Finance by A.C. Boyd. This is a short read, totalling about 50 pages in length and it is full of valuable information for wealthy Christians and those desiring to be good stewards of their finances.

The Father's Recipe for Personal Finance by Antone C. Boyd - Click to Buy

The Father’s Recipe for Personal Finance by Antone C. Boyd – Click to Buy

In this book, a father details financial advice as he chats with his two children whilst they’re preparing a meal. As they prepare ingredients, cook and then go on to eat the meal, he outlines important principles with regards to managing money, giving to God, investing in the local community and much more.

The topics covered in this book are aptly detailed in the chapter titles:

  • God first
  • First fruits
  • Planting good seeds
  • Basics of budgeting
  • Be more careful with debt
  • Investing is important
  • It’s worth giving

As he details at the end of the book, A.C. Boyd writes, “It is my belief that every believer has a ministry and this was one platform I’ve been allowed to share mine.”

There are some really simple but especially effective words of advice provided in this book. They include but are not limited to:

  1. Lowering expenses is almost as good as earning more income.

  2. The first step as we all know in this household is to keep God first. We are supposed to seek Him in prayer and educate ourselves about how He wants us to live our lives. And part of living is handling money wisely.

  3. It is much easier to give when you don’t already have plans to spend your entire pay check.

  4. When you get your pay check, remove the tithe and savings portion before planning to spend a dime. It works like a charm.

  5. God shares with us that good understanding gains favor. It’s my responsibility to make sure you both learn from my experiences in order to make better choices in life. Managing money is definitely a skill used on a consistent basis.

  6. Prosperity isn’t all about money. Having a good peace of mind, minimal stress, and enjoying what you do daily is prosperous as well.

Although this book is a quick read – it could be completed in a day – it is full of useful and applicable advice with regards to finances. It is easily explained and I love that a lot of the principles are from stories or verses in the bible. God’s Word is a handbook we should use daily as we go about our own lives. There is so much advice in it for varying situations.

Likewise, authors that explore a particular topic in the bible and then create a book about this are worth reading. If unsure about aspects of the book, you can always refer to your bible. The Father’s Recipe for Personal Finance a Believer’s Guide is an enjoyable and easy read, full of valuable information. Highly recommended.  While your at it, why not add it to your to be read shelf on Goodreads?