I recently heard a message from American author Mark Batterson that referenced some seeds found in an archaeological dig.  Research determined that these seeds were thousands of years old and that they belonged to the Judean Date Palm.  Forty years after their discovery, three were planted in the desert.  One germinated and over the years developed into an established tree.

Financial Intelligence can be Gained from God's Word | WealthintheBible.com

Financial Intelligence can be Gained from God’s Word | WealthintheBible.com

I think this can be an incredible analogy of our financial intelligence.  What we know and learn over our lives we can then pass onto others in our family, our children or people we may mentor.  They are then able to gain this information and determine if they want to use it to improve their financial situation.

Our wealth of knowledge regarding finances may seem to sit dormant – it is passed on to our children and their children with no action taken.  Still, the information is shared and in time, someone years down the track applies what they’ve been taught.  This same information we originally passed on many years earlier.  And now it has resulted in a seed being planted, germinating and going on to produce other seeds.  How incredible!

Never underestimate the value of sharing your financial knowledge with those you know and love.  Don’t be offended if they don’t take your advice or seem to use the information, just know that you have done a good thing by passing on wise financial advice to others.