1 Timothy 6:9 – 10 – ‘People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.’

Do you remember God’s word that indicates you cannot love God and money? It is not possible to have these two coexisting – and nor should it be! God should always come first. Then our spouse and family. And after that? Well it’s up to you.

God's Word Warns: the Love of Money is a Root of all Kinds of Evil

God’s Word Warns: the Love of Money is a Root of all Kinds of Evil

Money is a common theme to be warned against in the bible. Or rather, the love of money. In today’s society it is easy to get things on credit and to acquire debt. The focus is on getting things now because we want them now. No longer are we encouraged to save up over time and then invest in an item – if we still want it when we can afford it.

With the ability to buy on credit – and the ability to acquire debt – we can fall into a trap. ‘If only I earned a little more money, my current lifestyle would be affordable’. Isn’t it funny that we need more to manage what we already want? Why can we not learn to live on less to be able to pay off what we owe? As we acquire more, if we are already living beyond our means, we will work out new ways to do so! More money will not aid us if we are already poor stewards of what God has blessed us with.

The Love of Money

Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to get rich. The love of money cannot benefit you. Why do you want to get rich? Of what benefit will it be to you?

Learn to be content with what you have. Think first to invest in others if you ever find yourself in abundance. That is the way a wealthy Christian should live.

Financial tip – establish a separate bank account for your child. If you put away $10 a week for 18 years, this totals $9,360 dollars for a deposit, education or something else. If you invested $10 a week for 18 years at 5% interest, this would total in excess of $14,600 at the end.

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