Proverbs 14: 4 – ‘Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest.’

A manger is a place where feed is provided to stock, often oxen or other cattle. If we don’t have any stock to work, then we don’t need to provide food for them. However, if this is the case, then we also won’t see a harvest.

The Manger is Empty: Invest in those who Work for You.

The Manger is Empty: Invest in those who Work for You.

Those who work need to be provided with sustenance. Those who work will produce a harvest.

As wealthy Christians, it is important to invest in those you employ. If you have stock, they need to be fed and watered and when they work, they will provide you with something in return. If you have staff, you need to invest in them – with kind words, with wages so they can feed themselves, with training. From here, they will be happy and skilled staff and able to provide you with much.

Taking on stock or staff is an investment. It will cost you, but the end result is an animal or person working for you. Suddenly it is not just yourself who makes sure that you benefit from hard work. There is someone else who is working to provide for you.

If the Manger is Empty…

Whether stock or staff, make sure the manger is never empty. Ensure that your stock are well fed and well looked after. Ensure that your staff are well paid and well trained. If you don’t invest in them this way, then you may find that eventually the manger is empty. Why? Because you have no stock – they have passed away from malnourishment. Because you have no staff – they have grown disheartened and moved on. When you invest in those who work for you, you will be rewarded with an abundant harvest.

Wealth tip – research residual income options; there are many avenues where you can put in the work once, but gain the rewards many times over.

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