I’ve recently been doing a free 5 day course by Melyssa Griffin.  The first day focused on setting goals that are core value focused or outer value focused.  When we do something, are we driven by the approval of others or do we do it because we’ll feel good once it’s done?

You may say both!  But if you work to stay in shape because you’re insecure about how others perceive you, this isn’t good motivation.  However, if you do so because you feel good and know it’s good for you and your body, this is different!

The Real Way you Win is by Earning for Something you would do for Free

The Real Way you Win is by Earning for Something you would do for Free

I had my first job at 20 after completing a Diploma focused on horse breeding.  I landed my dream job.  Sure, I worked a 12 day fortnight (every second weekend off) and I worked 50+ hour weeks for a relatively low wage.  But you know what?  I loved it!  I would have done that work for free.  It was a bonus that I got paid to do something I enjoyed so much.

And I believe that’s what we need to do with our finances and life for Christ.  We need to find things that we enjoy so much that just happen to earn us an income.  Then the job is never about what we earn but much more about doing something because we’re passionate about it.  If it can add value to the life of others, then that’s an awesome thing, too!

The real way you win in life is by working in a job that you enjoy rather than one that just pays the bills.  And as you find yourself earning more than enough to live on, then perhaps you can invest your time and energy in things that will benefit others – whether or not it earns you income!

Consider my Wealthy Christians devotional.  It’s free to download because I want it available to anyone who is interested in it and may benefit from it 🙂  I plan to complete more core value goals in 2018.  My core values are to do things that benefit others and share my faith.  What might yours be?