Proverbs 18: 11 – 12 – ‘The wealth of the rich is their fortified city, they imagine it an unscalable wall. Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honour.’

Synonyms for fortified include equipped and prepared. This verse is referring to a city that is prepared for an attack, ready to defend itself. Do you view your wealth as something that protects you? Do you see your money as your protection – your fortified city?

Whether or not we have wealth, we should know and acknowledge that our protection – and also provision – comes from God. Money does not deserve to take the place of being our fortified city. This is God’s role. Only He can protect us from all things in this world. It is only He who can ensure the safety of our soul.

The Wealth of the Rich is Their Fortified City...

The Wealth of the Rich is Their Fortified City…

Is it coincidence that verse 12 talks about pride being a man’s downfall, or is this in line with verse 11? It can be so easy to be proud about our wealth and to put our trust in finances. We feel that we have achieved this great wealth without anyone’s help – even God’s. Further to this, we feel that said wealth will protect us from any negative things in life. Wrong!

As wealthy Christians, we need to remind ourselves to not fall into a trap. If God has blessed us with money, remember He provided it. Do not get caught up thinking that we did it all on our own. Further to this, don’t come to rely on your finances as ‘their fortified city’. It will be your downfall.

Financial tip – You cannot lose on an exponential increase. If you put money into a savings account, this earns interest. Once this is earned, the interest earns its own interest. You can’t lose!

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