Leviticus 5: 4 – “‘Or if a person thoughtlessly takes an oath to do anything, whether good or evil – in any matter one might carelessly swear about – even though he is unaware of it, in any case when he learns of it he will be guilty.’”

Are you a person of your word? Or, do you make promises without giving them a moment’s thought (thoughtless oaths)?  It can be so easy to agree to do something without considering how it will impact others.  Have we considered the pressure it could put on ourselves, our God, our reputation and even our family and friends?

Do you Take Thoughtless Oaths? Or are you a Person who thinks and Follows through?

Do you Take Thoughtless Oaths? Or are you a Person who thinks and Follows through?

As Christians, it is important to be mindful of what we agree to and what we promise to do.  We need to be people of our word.  We need to be people of integrity. If you are in business, this may be even more obvious in the sight of non Christian people.

As those aspiring to do great things for God with the wealth that he blesses us with, how even moreso important! Be a person of your word. Live life with integrity and follow through on promises to act. If you cannot do something, be a person of your word here, too! Indicate that your answer is no and follow through with this. Give requests thought, answer honestly and respond based on your answer.

God’s word clearly indicates in Leviticus that if we respond without thinking, we are guilty.  Guilt occurs whether or not we are aware of it!  Becoming aware of it allows us to repent and act appropriately.  Consider wisely what oaths you make.

Financial tip – set up a savings account and have any spare funds sitting in here; make the decision to save any amount on a weekly basis, even if it’s a dollar a day. Money in savings is working for you.