2 Corinthians 12:14 – ‘…After all, children should not have to save up for their parents, but parents for their children.’

I have a friend who has indicated that they are happy with their lifestyle with their spouse. They both earn more than they need and are able to save up, invest and enjoy holidays together. This friend has indicated that they don’t desire to have children; the only reason they would consider having children is because they know as they grow older, they will need to be looked after.

To Save Up: Parents Should do this for Future Generations

To Save Up: Parents Should do this for Future Generations

As parents, we have children and provide for them and in time, they are able to return the favour as we age and need care. Although this may be the way of life – and be expected of children from their parents, they should never need to provide for us financially. Parents should provide for their children. We have a responsibility to meet their needs and manage our finances sufficiently to provide for their futures.

To Save Up

On top of this, we should also be providing them with financial advice. As we set an example on how to work and earn money, save and invest, then they will be in a better position as adults. Firstly, they will learn to manage their money and avoid debt that cannot be paid back. Secondly, they will learn to save for their future and have enough for their children!

As we learn to be wise with our money, we set an example for our children. This in turn should result in them setting the same example for their children! It also means that we should have money left over for our own care as we age and our children need to make decisions for us. It should never be left to our children to save up so they can provide for us. As wealthy Christians, set a good financial example for your children!

Financial tip – search online for a savings account that offers a high interest rate. If you’re already saving – great! Make sure that money is earning you as much as it possibly can. Be mindful of bank accounts that have ongoing fees. Many online accounts are free to set up and offer great interest rates.