I am a part of a prayer triplet group.  We meet fortnightly and regularly pray for a few people within our circle of influence.  These people are generally others who don’t know God – yet!  A recent catch up with these two women enlightened me to a great idea that I feel could be applied in our financial lives – and other beneficial areas.

Using Others' Strengths | WealthintheBible.com

Using Others’ Strengths | WealthintheBible.com

This woman commented that she had a small group that did a bible study.  They recognised that each of them had various different strengths.  This particular woman was good at keeping her house in order – even as a young mother of 3.  When questioned about it, she was able to show the people in her group how she worked to a routine and this allowed her to keep on top of her housework – and always have a presentable home to others.

Another in their group was great at budgeting and was able to share their tips in this area of their life that they excelled at.  Do you have people in your life who have obvious strengths? Sure, they may be ahead of you in the racing lane when it comes to budgeting, but can they help you move forward?

Have you asked them to share/mentor how they manage so well in a particular area of their lives?  It could be budgeting, saving, giving, meal planning, staying on top of housework, being physically fit or something else.  Identify things that are important to you that you may be struggling with.

Then think about people in your circle of influence – or pray that God would guide you in conversations to find people that appear to have a grasp in this area.  Who knows what you may be able to learn from them!  Perhaps in turn you may be able to help them with accountability relating to their finances and living for God.