There are many wealth and faith resources out there.  We can use so much to help us grow our faith and our wealth.  This can help us to better impact God’s kingdom and our own lives!

As I come across resources and business ideas that could be beneficial to your faith walk and investing as a wise Christian, I aim to share them here.  Some will be free downloads, others will be links to services or products that are provided free or at a cost.

I am not necessarily endorsing the products or services, but will provide access to you to read up on them and make your own decisions.  Enjoy!

  1. Faith Building
    1. Listen to Vision Christian Radio online – listening to a Christian focused station can help lift our spirits, give us advice and Godly guidance.
    2. The 7 Day Prayer Warrior Experience (Free One Week Devotional on Kindle) – I have just finished reading this and loved it!  So practical and easy to read.  Great biblical truths and will be on my list to read biannually at least!
  2. Investing
    1. Christian Super – I love the idea of my superannuation working for my future and the future of others!
  3. Money Management
    1. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) run a course that allows anyone to learn how to budget and save effectively.  I did this course at a local church in my area and loved the practicality of it!  On top of this, it was free!
    2. Living within your Means – a guest post by Christine Meunier.


Why not start your faith and wealth building by investing in God’s word?