Proverbs 19: 4 – ‘Wealth brings many friends, but a poor man’s friend deserts him.’

We’ve touched on the idea of genuine friends and wealth before. Although it is a sad thing if people are friends with you only because of your wealth, this doesn’t have to be. It’s quite possible that your wealth puts you in a position to help so many, that you generate friends this way. Wealth brings many friends because through it, you’re able to demonstrate God’s love and His compassion for those in need.

Wealth brings Many Friends

Wealth brings Many Friends

I find it interesting that the second half of this verse refers to the poor man’s friend – singular. What a picture! A lack of finances meant that this person only had one friend. And even then, he is deserted by this friend. Sounds fickle to me!

If people are so shallow that they are focused on your financial assets, then these are not friends. Whether rich or poor, remember that you can share so much with others – kind words, your time, a smile. Be rich and generous with these assets and you will have friends whatever your bank account.

If God has blessed you with wealth, then desire to help as many as you can with your finances. Wealth brings many friends – use it to bless people, use it to help people, use it to include people, use it to welcome people. You will generate many friends because of the actions that your wealth creates, not because of the money in and of itself.

Always be mindful of the company you keep and people’s motives for being your friend. Never question whether or not you should give when you can. Do it! Wealth brings many friends – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Financial tip – learn to give! God will only give it to you, if He can get it through you!

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