Matthew 25:28 – ‘Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has ten talents.’

You can read over the whole parable of the talents in Matthew chapter 25. If we do not use the talents and finances that God has blessed us with, then our talents will decrease and our money will be lost. If however, we use what we’ve been given, God will increase it. Our skills will develop and improve. Our finances will grow and earn interest.

Wealthy Christians Day 21: Use it or Lose it

Wealthy Christians Day 21: Use it or Lose it

It really is as simple as use it or lose it. As was shown in the parable of the talents and the three servants – those who used what they were given were able to generate more. Because of this, they were seen as faithful and were given even more.

God wants us to use what we’ve been given – our skills, our passions and our finances. He wants us to use them for his glory. We can acknowledge that he gave us these attributes and because of him, we’re able to do things we enjoy and are good at; we’re able to earn income. In return, we should share him with everyone we can. We should be good examples of hard working, ethical people. We should use our finances to give back to him, a little of what he’s given to us.

For the one servant who was fearful, he did nothing with his talent. And the master questioned when he returned – why didn’t you at least put it in the bank? Are you using your talents and finances or are you digging a hole in the ground and burying them because you don’t want to risk failure or loss?

The irony here is that you are failing to do what God has asked of you. And you are losing many opportunities to give to those in need, to shine God’s light and to do something you love and are good at! Use it or lose it. Your talents are not just for you and neither are your finances – they are to bless others. Don’t be the person who is robbing others of a blessing because you won’t use your talents or finances.

It is my prayer for you:

  • That you will acknowledge that your talents and finances aren’t given to you just for you; they have a role to play in blessing others.
  • That you will be motivated to use what you have to hone skills and to generate income.
  • That you will acknowledge the skills and talents that are special to you, which could be used for God’s glory.

Today’s prayer:
Lord I thank you that you have made each and every one of us unique with varying skills, talents and financial circumstances. Help me to use all that I have for your glory.

Actionable ideas:
Establish a separate bank account for your child. If you put away $10 a week for 18 years, this totals $9,360 dollars for a deposit, education or something else. If you invested $10 a week for 18 years at 5% interest, this would total in excess of $14,600 at the end.