Proverbs 22:6 – ‘Train a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.’

By now I would hope that you’ve achieved a few exciting things. These should include having:

  1. Established a savings habit and at least 30 days worth of funds sitting, earning interest (you should have received one interest payment already or be about to receive one – wonderful!)
  2. Gotten your finances into clearer perspective
  3. Recognised areas where you can cut back / earn more and save more!

With this, I would hope that you’re excited about your financial future and what you can achieve for God’s kingdom. Now let’s go a little further!

Wealthy Christians Day 30: Share

Wealthy Christians Day 30: Share

If this study has helped you, are you motivated to help someone else? If you’re able to help another Christian improve their financial situation, start on the slow path to wealth and focus their excess finances on benefiting God’s kingdom, then this is a good thing, right? Share this study and/or resources you’ve gained access to with others who you believe will benefit!

In this way, more Wealthy Christians will be around to impact this world for good! Think of people that you feel could utilise the steps and guidelines set out in this course. Are they people in your generation? Teens that look up to you for guidance? Parents who are planning for retirement? Friends who are struggling with debt?

Whoever they are, why not pass the word along? At the end of the day, this information is free for them to use. They will only need to invest their time and if it will put them in a better financial position, then isn’t this a wise investment of said time?

It is my prayer for you:

  • That you have benefited from this study and can identify principles that you’ll go on to utilise regularly to improve your financial situation.
  • That you are able to share the information here with at least one other person who you feel could benefit.
  • That you will see the benefits of your finances at work in God’s kingdom in the very near future.

Today’s prayer:
Lord I thank you that you have blessed me with the time and ability to research better ways to steward that which you have given to me. Help me to pass on the favour to someone dear to me.

Actionable ideas:
Establish the difference between needs and wants. Do you need your next purchase? Can the money be better invested elsewhere?