Proverbs 28:11 – ‘A rich man may be wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has discernment sees through him.’

There will come a time where your financial situation leaves you feeling content and comfortable. You have no debt, you have ample savings, you’re able to give regularly and you’re prepared for your children’s education. In this situation, it can be easy to get proud. After all, you’ve achieved this wonderful financial situation via your own means, right? Wrong!

Wealthy Christians Day 7: A Humble Spirit - Humility and Riches

Wealthy Christians Day 7: A Humble Spirit – Humility and Riches

All opportunities to earn and save come from God. He blesses you with skills – you’re expected to be a good steward and use them wisely as well as develop them over time. He blesses you with opportunities to work and earn – you’re expected to take them. He provides you with more than enough so that you can save and invest. Never forget where your wealth comes from. Being prideful is a trick of the devil.

In your whole financial life, be sure to approach it with humility. Always be thankful about what God has blessed you with and never forget Job – he was incredibly wealthy and he lost it all in the blink of an eye. Whether rich or poor right now we need to be thankful for God’s provision and the fact that he’s watching over us.

Don’t let finances increase the way you see yourself. Let God’s view of you be your compass, not earthly possessions.

If you feel you’re getting too big for your boots, challenge yourself to give some of it away. David as king refused to be given something for free that he wanted to offer to God. He insisted on paying for it – it had to cost him. Likewise, if you give out of your abundance but it’s an amount so mediocre in comparison to the total sum, then what does this say of your generosity? Stay humble and give – even until it hurts. It’s all God’s anyway.

It is my prayer for you:

  • That you will always be thankful for any income that comes your way and the opportunity to bless others with a small portion.
  • That you will always recognise your great worth in the eyes of your Creator
  • That the more you earn, the more you will seek to be humble and wise with your finances

Today’s prayer:
Lord I thank you that you have blessed me not only with the opportunity to earn, but to save as well. As my finances grow to the point that I am feeling comfortable and satisfied, help me not to forget who made all of this possible – You.

Actionable ideas:
Are you paying off a debt – mortgage, car or otherwise? Make sure your repayments are as often as possible – weekly or fortnightly. The more often you make repayments, the quicker you are decreasing the amount you owe someone else and the interest earned on this.