I have recently gone back to work a couple of days a week after having been home full time with two young children.  It struck me that any time I went to the bathroom, I would be turning the tap from hot or warm to cold.  The tap is one that is a lever.  You can turn left (for hot water), turn right (for cold water) and lift to put the water on.

Wealthy Habits: Substitution and Replacement | WealthintheBible.com

Wealthy Habits: Substitution and Replacement | WealthintheBible.com

Any time I made a visit to the bathroom I had to adjust this lever.  And so I guess that every time others go to the bathroom, they adjust it back to their preferred settings – warm!  And I got to thinking: are there things in life that you do that are costing you more than they need to?

At home we have made the decision to wash our clothes in cold water.  This saves on heating water and so also saves on electricity by shortening the wash load time.  There are people at work who bring their own coffee pods for the machine and other types of wonderful smelling coffee.  I opt for the complimentary tea and coffee provided by work.

I have no doubt there are many little things that can be substituted or replaced to improve everyone’s financial situation.  Perhaps it’s going to a no name/no frills brand for something you buy regularly.  Maybe it’s going for the cheaper version regularly but treating yourself once a month to the more expensive version.

There are some things you may be able to replace in your diet or regular buys.  Or maybe you can make a substitution for something else.  Consider areas of your budget where you can make changes to improve the bottom line.  It pays off over the long term.