I remember many years ago when I was working on a thoroughbred stud.  I was going with one of the workers to pick up some hay from a neighbouring farm.  My colleague told me how this man had scrimped and saved for years to be able to afford his property that was at that point worth $1,000,000.

What can You Afford to Save on? | WealthintheBible.com

What can You Afford to Save on? | WealthintheBible.com

He commented how the man and his wife had accepted hand outs from locals, bought second hand clothes and saved in whatever way they could.  It seemed that once he had the funds saved to purchase the property, people were then criticising him for accepting handouts that he didn’t ‘need’.  It’s an interesting concept; people are happy to be generous to others, but only if they see a need.

Likewise, some people may choose to not receive freebies because they feel they don’t ‘need’ it.  Perhaps this is a question of pride.  Have you considered the areas you could be saving on and how this could improve your overall financial situation – and financial future?

My husband and I weekly attend a free community dinner; yes we could afford to eat at home – or even out.  But instead, we choose to accept what is on offer locally and benefit from a great meal that feeds our family of four.  Plus we get to socialise and connect with the local community.  We also tell people that we know of who are in need (they may not have enough funds for food each week) about the dinner.  And yet, many of these choose not to come.

What you have access to – and what you choose to benefit from – really are up to you.  If a resource or service is available to all, don’t restrict yourself because you feel you don’t ‘need’ it.  If it can benefit your situation – even through allowing you to save more and donate this to a worthy cause – then why would you not do it?