In high school I was surprised to learn about an English teacher who sent her daughter to church, in spite of a lack of faith. She acknowledged to the class that she knew her daughter would be taught good morals and ethics.

As a Christian, are you aware of what the church – and early Christians – have set up for you and for society? It was churches who:

  • Provided hospitals and health care
  • Set up educational institutions
  • Developed programs that provided food for those in need
  • Often provided accommodation for those in need
  • Encouraged healthy relationships
What has the Church done for you?

What has the Church done for you?

Not only am I able to grow in my relationship with God through attending church, I am able to benefit from many of the above points that the church is responsible for having set up. How about you? As wealthy Christians, we should be connected to a local church. We should recognise the value of the church as an organisation and be giving into it in the form of tithes and offerings. It’s God house and as we improve our financial situation, this should be overflowing into our church family.

And how else can you give into your local church? By so many different ways! You can:

  • Attend regularly
  • Give into the church’s finances
  • Speak words of encouragement to the pastors, leadership team, those who are serving in an area, the general congregation
  • Invite people to attend so they can come to know Christ and also give into the church
  • Contribute your time, gifts and enthusiasm into any number of areas (greeting people, hospitality areas, music and worship, cleaning, maintenance, children’s church, youth, etc)

Recognise the great roles that the Christian church has played through history – and is still playing! Identify personally how the church has benefited you – or could be if you made the effort to attend. Next, determine areas where you can give and act on it.