Proverbs 23:23 – ‘Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding.’

There are many things in life that we buy to later give away, sell again or forget about. Not all that we spend money on do we benefit from. God’s word indicates that truth is something we should invest in. We should purchase it and not sell it! We are advised to get wisdom, discipline and understanding.

God's Word says to get Wisdom, Discipline and Understanding

God’s Word says to get Wisdom, Discipline and Understanding

Wisdom, Discipline and Understanding

I feel that these words – these values – are important for the wealthy Christian. It is through acting wise that we are able to acquire wealth. I believe we are wise when we are able to earn money and live on less than we earn, saving some periodically.

It is a wealthy person who is able to be disciplined. They are disciplined in being a good worker – going to work and earning a wage. Wealthy people are disciplined in how they spend – and save – their money. They are also wise and disciplined in how they educate themselves on investing and act on this.

It is a wealthy Christian who strives for understanding. They long to know how to invest their finances wisely. They also long to understand how to share their finances wisely. Wealthy Christians long to understand God’s desire for what they should do with their finances.

If as a wealthy Christian you seek God’s truth and alongside it the values of wisdom, discipline and understanding, your finances will go far! God will help you to earn, invest and use your finances to help those in need.

Financial tip – setting up an offset account for your mortgage means that any money you have left over for the week or that is put aside to pay upcoming bills can be sitting against your mortgage debt and keeping your interest down. It’ll save you thousands in the long run.

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