Luke 6:24 – “But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.”

If you had already received everything good in this life and were to receive no more, would you be disappointed? If your whole focus is on money, then this is all you will get in life and it won’t do you any good in eternity. Woe to you who are rich!

Woe to You who are Rich: is Wealth Wrong?

Woe to You who are Rich: is Wealth Wrong?

Read through Luke 6:20 – 31. Our wealth on this earth first comes through a relationship with Christ. Suddenly we have treasure in heaven and treasure worth sharing on earth!

Have you considered the word woe? Let’s take a look! Woe – anguish, affliction, sadness, despair, misery, wretchedness.

Not a pretty picture at all, is it? Now most of us are familiar with rich – well-off, affluent, plentiful, loaded, and prosperous. The list goes on. How could these good things, be bad?

I don’t believe this passage in Luke indicates that it is a bad thing to be wealthy. Rather, if this is our sole focus and desire, then if we receive it on earth, this is all that we will get in life! We won’t have salvation or an eternal reward. Definitely in this regard, the bible says Woe to you who are rich!

Wealth is something that we can strive for. It should never however come before our love for Christ. I also feel that it should always be used for the glory of God’s kingdom. Otherwise, you can be sure this message will apply to you – woe to you who are rich.

Financial tip – be proactive six days a week to bring in income, develop residual income and increase the value of your property; rest on the seventh day knowing you have been hard working and that God not only ordains, but insists on His people resting so they don’t burn out.