Proverbs 12:11 – ‘He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.’

There is a promise in this above verse. The incentive is to work for abundance. If we put in the work (on the land), then we will have abundant food. In biblical times it was extremely common for people to work the land to gain food. A good harvest meant provision for them and their families and the ability to sell to others.

Today we make use of supermarkets whilst a small number work their land for the benefit of others. The principle still applies to us as working Christians, however. Work diligently to receive abundance.

Work for Abundance

Work for Abundance

It is through putting in the work, that we are able to receive. If we are proactive about hard work, then we will see the rewards on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean that things will always be easy financially, but it does mean that if we honestly work, we can be sure of God’s provision for us – and then some.

The flip side to this verse in Proverbs talks of not working. If you ‘chase fantasies’ – that is, spend all of your time dreaming, or going after one thing for a little while and then changing your mind and pursuing another – then you lack judgement.

And why is this an issue? A lack of judgement results in no provision. Instead of working hard, you jump from idea to idea and never see anything to fruition. There is no finished job, no reward for work done well.

God’s word specifically guides us. If we chase fantasies, we will not be provided for. If we work hard, we will have more than enough. This abundance will in turn mean we can bless others. Even if you have a number of great business ideas, focus on one and stick with it until it is a success. Then consider pursuing another if time and resources permit. Be wise about how you use your time and energy. Work for abundance.

Wealth tip – budget your money and follow this.

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