It’s early July whilst writing this post and I have just started reading the book of Ecclesiastes in the bible. I am now in the habit of reading the bible once in a year, working through a few pages each morning as I am able to. Ecclesiastes 1:15 caught my attention today:

‘What is crooked cannot be made straight, what is lacking cannot be counted.’

What struck me this morning was that it is so easy to say, ‘my situation will improve when…’
When? It’ll improve when:

  • that client/person/neighbour who owes me money pays me back
  • the government payment that I’m really hoping I’ll be approved for comes through
  • that overdue invoice is finally paid to me
  • I get paid next fortnight
Work with What you Have |

Work with What you Have |

As Solomon so wisely points out, if you don’t have it (it is lacking) it cannot be counted (relied upon). I guess that’s in line with the saying don’t count your chickens before they hatch. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring and as a Wealthy Christian; it should be a habit to only work with what you have. If you put this to good use, then in time it’ll grow and develop more.

There is no use waiting for expected, owed or even hoped for funds to turn up before you plan to improve your situation. This is meaningless and of no use to you. Work with what you have and make it work for you!